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How Nissan Automatic Emergency Braking Can Help Save Your Life

It was recently announced by Nissan that Automatic Emergency Braking technology will come standard in a projected 1 million vehicles in the 2018 model year, including:

This is more than double the amount of Nissan vehicles sold with forward emergency braking, the predecessor to automatic emergency braking, last year.

Nissan Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking: Saving Lives in Westchester

Automatic Emergency Braking SystemThe main component of the Nissan automatic emergency braking system is the radar technology integrated. That’s because the radar monitors the Nissan’s proximity to the vehicle ahead of it to determine how fast or slow that vehicle is going.

You’ll be able to hear and see the warnings that the system provides when a potential frontal collision is detected, so you can slow your Nissan down to avoid an accident.

If you don’t hit the brakes and a crash is imminent, then the system will actually apply the brakes automatically to lessen the injury that’ll occur upon impact.

The goal of adding the Nissan automatic emergency braking system to so many vehicles is to help reduce the number of rear enders, which is 1/3 of all reported collisions according to the NHTSA, and to help lower injury insurance claims by up to 35%.

Even if this technology works once for you and your family to prevent an accident, you’ll get your money’s worth between potential medical bills and the need for auto repairs or even a full car replacement. Please contact the team at Nissan City to learn even more about automatic emergency braking.

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