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Living in CT? Why You Should Buy Your Nissan in NY!

Now that a nearby dealership (1) has closed, you might have to find a new Nissan dealership and service center. That’s where Nissan City comes in!

3 Advantages of Purchasing a Nissan in NY

  1. Nissan Dealer Serving CTCT residents do not pay NY state sales tax! You pay taxes wherever you register the car, NOT where you buy it.
  2. Even though NY does have a $75 doc fee, most Nissan dealers in CT have a conveyance fee which can be as high as $499. So if you buy your car in NY, your Nissan could actually be over $400 cheaper!
  3. Nissan City (2) is actually the closest Nissan dealer to Darien CT right now. We’re actually closer than other dealers located in the state of CT (3 & 4).

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If you choose Nissan City, you’ll get perks and customer service that other dealerships that serve CT simply don’t offer.

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